Hi, I am Pallavi.

Interaction Designer - Graphic Artist
User Experience Designer - Software Engineer

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Right from being a little girl walking around with a sketchbook all the way up to a woman sketching digital art pieces on a tablet computer, my desire for blending technology and design has only been intensifying everyday. As a Software Developer, I was involved in ideation and brainstorming sessions all the way upto to design and implementation. I began to wonder what would it be like to conceptualise a new product and define how the product works.

Currently, I am a grad student at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor specializing in Human Computer Interaction. I am interested in Interaction Design, User Interfaces, Ubiquitous and Social Computing.

I aspire to craft beautiful, meaningful and intuitive experiences that change the way people interact with technology. I have been a Calligrapher since the age of 8. I am a travel enthusiast and I blog about my experiences. I love the Harry Potter series. I love collaborating with people and I enjoy discussing ideas. I enjoy experimenting with cuisines. I love art and design. You should check my work by clicking on these icons below. If you want to talk to me about any of these, feel free to contact me

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